Marion Kortekaas

Lene Terslev

Ruth Wittoek

Hilde Hammer

Ingrid Möller

Alexander Mathiessen

D'Agostino MA

Florian Berghea



























Working group OMERACT >Hand OA (Marion Kortekaas/Ruth Wittoek), Hip and knee OA



Annamaria Iagnocco  

Objective of the subgroups work

Development of US scoring systems for OA for structural and inflammatory features

Investigation of reliability, and when reliable

Truth, Discrimination and feasibility

After obtaining step 1-3, try endorsement of instrument

What is the contribution of the subgroup work to the OMERACT work?

Hand OA Domain set (2014) includes the domain “structural damage” in the middle circle, “joint activity” for which synovitis scoring system could be an applicable instrument, is in the inner core of the domain set.


Description of the previous work

Development and reliability testing of the osteophyte US score. The scoring system has proven to be reliable.

Development and reliability testing of a cartilage US scoring system. The score was developed and tested and showed good reliability only for dichotomous scores. The definition was subsequently modified and simplified: SQ 0-2)

Development and reliability testing for knee OA


Reporting back of work done since ACR 2017

Abnormalities in foot OA developed and tested and proven reliable

Patient based reliability testing (Copenhagen 2017):

Modified cartilage scoring system no improvement of reliability: due to the difficulties of the scoring system, as well technical difficulties, RED FLAG

Synovitis scoring system: palmar site scoring is less reliable and should not be performed

Synovitis scoring system low reliability, possibly due to low prevalence of findings, additional analyses needed

Palmar site scoring was found to be less reliable compared to dorsal.

Collateral ligaments SLR: only 1 US paper, 6 MRI papers. All very small numbers.


Next steps and discussion points

Additional analyses synovitis scoring system

If this shows good reliability: proposal to proceed to discrimination/truth/feasibility

If reliability is not established: discussion on scoring system: Modification needed?

Osteophytes scoring system endorsed for further assessment of TDF

Scoring systems for foot OA reliable: proceed? (can we fit this in OMERACT work? (since the working groups for OA have limited the area of interest to hand/knee and hip oa; however, there is a tendency to make an overarching domain set for osteoarthritis in general, which would make sense) )