Gutierrez M

Schmidt WA

Keen HI

Filippucci E

Kane D

Thiele R

Kaeley G

Balint P

Mandl P

Delle Sedie A

Hammer HB

Christensen R

Möller I

Pineda C

Bruyn GA

Iagnocco A

Naredo E

D'Agostino MA

Terslev L



























Working group OMERACT > GOUT



Maria-Antonietta D’Agostino & LENE TERSLEV  

Objective of the subgroups work

Development of US scoring systems for Gout, including structure and crystal depositon. Assumed synovitis RA work will apply.

Investigation of reliability, and when reliable

Truth, Discrimination and feasibility

After obtaining step 1-3, try endorsement of instrument

What is the contribution of the subgroup work to the OMERACT work?

Core set

Inner circle :tophus burden

Middle circle; joint damage, joint inflammation

The US working groups work have contributed to the gout working group indicating that US is likely to be of use in assessing these domains, and endorsing a research agenda.


Description of the previous work

Delphi; agreement on elementary lesions, DC, tophi, aggregates, erosions

Web based reliability exercise

Patient based reliability exercise

Validation against DECT, results pending


Reporting back of work done since ACR 2017

Helen Keen undertaking validity work of the DC and tophi in cadavers

OMERACT fellow, Sara Nysom, is validating sensitivity to change – will be presented at the meeting

MADA the DECT work.


Next steps and discussion points

Continued work on the defining aggregates ( poor reliability), and demonstrating discrimination.

Development of a scoring system


Terslev L, Gutierrez M, Schmidt WA, Keen HI, Filippucci E, Kane D, Thiele R, Kaeley G, Balint P, Mandl P, Delle Sedie A, Hammer HB, Christensen R, Möller I, Pineda C, Kissin E, Bruyn GA, Iagnocco A, Naredo E, D’Agostino MA; OMERACT Ultrasound Working Group. Ultrasound as an Outcome Measure in Gout. A Validation Process by the OMERACT Ultrasound Working Group. J Rheumatol. 2015;42:2177-81.

Gutierrez M, Schmidt WA, Thiele RG, Keen HI, Kaeley GS, Naredo E, Iagnocco A, Bruyn GA, Balint PV, Filippucci E, Mandl P, Kane D, Pineda C, Delle Sedie A, Hammer HB, Christensen R, D’Agostino MA, Terslev L; OMERACT Ultrasound Gout Task Force group. International Consensus for ultrasound lesions in gout: results of Delphi process and web-reliability exercise. Rheumatology (Oxford). 2015;54:1797-805.

Terslev L, Gutierrez M, Christensen R, Balint PV, Bruyn GA, Delle Sedie A, Filippucci E, Garrido J, Hammer HB, Iagnocco A, Kane D, Kaeley GS, Keen H, Mandl P, Naredo E, Pineda C, Schicke B, Thiele R, D’Agostino MA, Schmidt WA; OMERACT US Gout Task Force. Assessing Elementary Lesions in Gout by Ultrasound: Results of an OMERACT Patient-based Agreement and Reliability Exercise. J Rheumatol. 2015;42:2149-54.