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Working group OMERACT > Lupus



George Bruyn 

Objective of the subgroups work

To establish the role of US

  1. in the assessment of musculoskeletal symptoms and the overall disease activity measure in lupus.

  2. in the understanding of the pathogenesis of musculoskeletal manifestations in lupus.

  3. to guide treatment and measure treatment response in lupus.

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What is the contribution of the subgroup work to the OMERACT work?

To agree on which musculoskeletal tissues should be examined during US assessment in lupus

To agree on which US elementary lesions should be included as disease activity assessment in lupus

To standardize the scanning technique and definition used for the US assessment in lupus


Description of the previous work

This subgroup was founded in June 2017.

A systematic literature search using the PubMed, Embase and Cochrane Library databases for studies using US in assessing lupus were extracted and studied.

Delphi Exercise: 2 rounds

Submission of images to gain consensus prior to reliability exercise

Reliability exercise: 10 patients and 12 sonographers


Reporting back of work done since ACR 2017

An SLR is under construction.


Next steps and discussion points

To complete the update of the SLR

Delphi exercise to agree on the musculoskeletal tissues to be examined, which US elementary lesions to be included as disease activity assessment, scanning technique and definition used in US assessment in lupus

Publication strategy: SLR update, Delphi exercise

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