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Working group OMERACT >



Terslev Lene

Convertor: Andrea Delle Sedie

Objective of the subgroups work

  • To define US findings related to interstitial lung disease in lung US examination

  • To standardise the scanning of lung in rheumatic diseases

What is the contribution of the subgroup work to the OMERACT work?

If we are successful in standardise the technique and be reliable while performing the US assessment, we could propose US as an outcome for clinical trials on drugs for interstitial lung disease as well as in trial on systemic sclerosis patients.

Description of the previous work

Up to now:

- we established the people interested in the group

- we produced a “training pack” with images, clip, pdf of published papers and power point presentations, in order to let the people become more confident with this new technique. Many of the people in the group sent back (as requested) some clip of US assessment of the lung. Those clips will be used for the future web-reliability exercise,

- we produce a SLR that has been sent to the journal (we are actually waiting for the journal reply)


Reporting back of work done since ACR 2017

See above (the group was technically formed at the EULAR 2017)


Next steps and discussion points

The people who provided images (of a sufficient quality) will be invited to take part into the Delphi exercise (that should be sent in a few days, before the OMERACT meeting at the EULAR).

We would like to organize in 2018-2019 an educational workshop focused on Lung US.